I have really bad anxiety it often gives me diarrhoea, sorry for the tmi. It’s so horrible I either get that or stomach ache because of plain ANXIETY!!! I wish I could cry and say “I’M TERRIFIED OF PEOPLE AND THE WORLD AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING THIS FEELS HORRIBLE!!!” 

I noticed that even when everything is running smoothly I still feel bloody anxious I hate it

I always felt like I don’t want to be social in case I become really superficial and start being attached to the dunya. And that being alone and depressed is actually good for me. Now that I think of it that way, that’s not actually a healthy mindset. I should find the middle ground, but my mindset is so black and white that it actually doesn’t know any grey area. 

Sometimes I feel like I wish my soul would escape from my body for a bit (So that I could be a floating soul) and then I realise that I can actually do that with my niqab subhanAllah

I love the niqab

  • Adults: don't talk to your parents like that! they deserve unconditional respect, love, and obedience even though i've never met them and have no idea what kind of people they are
  • Adult schoolteacher: Do you want me to call your PARENTS and tell them how you were behaving? *assumes parents aren't abusive*
  • Adults: family is awesome!
  • Adults: blood is thicker than water!
  • Adults: your parents love you!
  • Adult media producers: *create thousands of stories where families love each other ~~no matter what~~*
  • Adults: It's really easy to get out of abusive families! just tell an adult :)
  • Adults: *don't teach kids how to recognize abuse*
  • Adults: *normalize physical abuse as 'discipline'*
  • Adults: It's hard to take anything kids say seriously haha
  • Adults: *takes abusive parents' word over their kids'*